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Anemic Domain Model, callbacks and missing language features # MVPC - Introducing mSPV # MVPC - Deeper look # MVPC - Implementation # MVPC - the difference between Presenter and Controller

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MVPC - Introducing mSPV 26. duben 2016 (před 5 lety)

MVC MVP Software Architecture Continuation of MVPC – Deeper look Nomenclature warning: This article uses several very similar terms that are context dependent and are very easy to confuse. Please refer to this loose definition list: Service – Any class registered in Nette Dependenty Injection Container (DIC) Business service – A special case of the generic service. Business services always have a model behind them. They serve as the access point to a model from the presenter. In this regard, they do not differ from a controller. Model – The data storage In the last article we ended up with the problem of…  přečtěte si více

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